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Tembea, Spanish emerging pop /folk music artist, completes her first album in July 2020.  In her work, musical and visual expressions, mainly through conceptual photography, follow parallel paths.


Tembea (Paris, June 2, 2001) began her first contacts with music in Senlís (France), near the north of Paris. Already from her childhood, she started to sing and record children's songs with her father in a home studio, beginning a vital relationship with music.

After several years in Paris, her family moved to Barcelona. There, she completed four years of training in violin to finally choose the guitar as her favorite instrument. Thus initiating a musical path parallel to the various relocations that took her to Seville and finally to Madrid, where she currently lives. These continuous changes drove her to compose her first songs at fourteen.  They were marked by exceptional sensitivity and lyrics with introspective reflections, unusual for someone her age.

Likewise, the progressive exposure to American folk classics such as James Taylor or Tracy Chapman, artists such as Revolver, Efecto Mariposa or Vanesa Martin, together with contemporary British interpreters and the many trips to different parts of the world, constituted the influences of her early themes and concerts in family and school groups.

In 2017, she created and led the musical group "Tembea", in order to carry out several benefit concerts for an audience of more than one hundred and fifty people.

Once completed, and given its success, Tembea was reconfigured as her own project and identity, including a pop-folk approach in which the acoustic and melodic sounds are combined with its sweet and subtle voice, including careful lyrics in English and Spanish.

In 2019, Tembea appeared in the Madrid concert circuit at different emblematic venues and spaces in the area, offering concerts of different capacities for a wide spectrum and types of public.


In December 2018, her first single “Camino al revés” was published, in which acoustic sounds, harmonies and lyrics with marked introspective and symbolic nuances predominated, beginning to highlight her particular style.


Throughout 2019, Tembea continued to perform concerts in venues in and around Madrid, including some charity events.


In April 2019, the new single “Ropes and Rhymes” came to light, under the direction of accomplished producer and arranger Fidel Cordero.

In July 2020, Tembea finished recording her first album, called “Coordenadas” (Coordinates), supported by Fidel Cordero.  

The songs that are part of this work arose from the need to express relevant circumstances and experiences in her young personal journey, some of them difficult to face.


Tembea establishes and drives her artistic path with this work and defines her own style, being exceptional in an emerging artist so young within the current Spanish music scene.

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