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Tembea completes first album  "Coordenadas" 


Tembea finalized recording of her first album on July 2020.  

The songs in English and Spanish that complete this work, which is called “Coordenadas” (Coordinates), were originated from the need to express relevant personal experiences, some of them difficult to face.

 Under her particular circumstances, at times common to other people her age,  the lyrics and reflections of her compositions, most intimate and introspective, were born from the concerns of the artist on topics as varied and complex as; betrayal and loyalty (Que habra detras), restrained self-love (My own apology), unrequited surrender (Que quieres evitar), the encounter with oneself (De espejo en espejo), the frustration of loss (Time machine), the death of a loved one (Roses) or self-retrain towards a loved one (Wind castles), among others.  

Recording of the album was initiated on December 2019, under the direction and arrangements of producer Fidel Cordero.  It was expected to be finalized during the month of March 2020. However, its progression experienced unexpected delays, due to the worldwide Covid19 pandemic and related confinements. 


End of June 2020, Tembea was finally able to return to the studio to complete the album.

Tembea releases "Can you call me"  


Tembea releases "Can you call me". This work represents the beginning of a new vital stage for the young artist, while remaining faithful to her style and character.  


This is the first of many new songs she has worked on over the past few months which will see the light throughout 2022.

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